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Details for Basketball Boys Grades 3/4

In or above Grade 3 and in or below Grade 4Transaction Date/Time on or after 09/29/17 @12:00am.
Transaction Date/Time on or before 11/27/17 @11:59pm.
Gender of MaleHousehold Feecode of NR.

$55.00 $10.00 $55.00 $10.00

Concord Parks & Recreation Division II Youth Basketball focuses on the fundamentals of the game while teaching the rules of basketball. All teams practice for one hour per week and play all games on Saturday mornings. Equal playing is given to all players. Participants will be placed on teams solely based on the elementary school they attend. There is a $10.00 late fee for signing up after November, 9th.The dates listed on this receipt are for scheduling purposes only. Players will receive a call from their coach after the coaches meeting, informing them of their practice time and location. Teams will practice one evening per week for one hour with games played on Saturday mornings. Playoffs will begin after the February school vacation. Please Note: If you are playing basketball on a team in any other organized basketball league, you are not eligible to play in this league.


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