b"GeHnoewra lt oI nRfeogrmistaetiron HOW DO YOU REGISTER? RECREATION SCHOLARSHIPS Its simple and easy.Concord Parks & Recreation Department tries to keep its fees at You can:DQ\x03DRUGDEOH\x03OHYHO\x03IRU\x03DOO\x03&RQFRUG\x123HQDFRRN\x03UHVLGHQWV\x11\x03,I\x03\\RX\x03KDYH\x03Register via paper form DQ\x03XQXVXDO\x03IDPLO\\\x03QDQFLDO\x03VLWXDWLRQ\x03WKDW\x03OLPLWV\x03SDUWLFLSDWLRQ\x03GXH\x03WR\x03the fee, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department to make1) Register with us directly by stopping by the Concord Parks & arrangements for a scholarship.Scholarships are available for most 5HFUHDWLRQ\x032FH\x0f\x03\x14\x17\x03&DQWHUEXU\\\x035G\x11\x03GXULQJ\x03QRUPDO\x03RFH\x03KRXUV\x03\x0bVHH\x03 (but not all) youth programs. Scholarships are not available to page 2 for times).2) Visit our website, www.concordparksandrec.comNon-Residents or for adult programs and do not include late fees. DQG\x03GRZQORDG\x03WKH\x03UHJLVWUDWLRQ\x03IRUP\x0f\x03OO\x03LW\x03RXW\x0f\x03DQG\x03PDLO\x0f\x03ID[\x0f\x03RU\x03EULQJ\x03LW\x03in with your check or credit card.PROGRAM CANCELLATIONS Register online Weekends6KRXOG\x03ZH\x03H[SHULHQFH\x03LQFOHPHQW\x03ZHDWKHU\x03RQ\x03ZHHNHQGV\x0f\x03VWD\x03ZLOO\x03SRVW\x031)In order to register online you must have registered at leastany closings/cancellations on our Facebook page by 8:00 a.m. for once via the paper registration form (see above). Once you havemorning programs and 1:00 p.m. for afternoon/evening programs.registered via the paper form, you may contact us at 'D\\WLPH\x03$FWLYLWLHV\x1d603-225-8690 to request username and password for onlinePrograms may be cancelled due to inclementweather. A decision registration.After receiving your username and password youregarding a cancellation will be made at least one hour prior to will be able to register online at www.concordparksandrec.com.the start of a program. If deteriorating conditions force on-site cancellations, a representative will remain on site until all children are Please Note: picked up by their parent or guardian. - Registration forms must be completed by a parent or legal(YHQLQJ\x03$FWLYLWLHV\x1d\x03 guardian for youth activities. Cancellation for evening activities will not be made until at least 3:00 - Please register early -all classes, camps or programs havep.m. to allow for changing weather conditions. OLPLWHG\x03VSDFH\x11\x035HJLVWUDWLRQV\x03DUH\x03WDNHQ\x03RQ\x03D\x03UVW\x03FRPH\x0f\x03UVW\x03 &DQFHOODWLRQ\x031RWLFDWLRQV\x1dCyanMagentaYellowBlackVHUYHG\x03EDVLV\x03DQG\x03PD\\\x03OO\x03XS\x03EHIRUH\x03OLVWHG\x03GHDGOLQHV\x11 Cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page.- Please complete the registration form in full. Be sure to include:HDWKHU\x03&DQFHOODWLRQ\x035HIXQG\x033ROLF\\\x1d the program code number. List all the programs you and/or yourIn the event of inclement weather, it may be necessary to cancel children will be participating in on the registration form.Concord Parks & Recreation programming. In all cases, safety is of the utmost importance. Refunds will not be processed if programs are cancelled due to weather.However, when possible, Concord Please register as soon as possible as it willParks & Recreation will do our best to reschedule.help ensure that classes will run.Some classesPROGRAM REFUND POLICYmay be cancelled within 5 days of starting if theRefunds are issued when the participant enrolled in the program class minimum is not met. KDV\x03D\x03QRWH\x03IURP\x03WKHLU\x03SK\\VLFLDQV\x03RFH\x03VWDWLQJ\x03WKH\\\x03DUH\x03QRW\x03DEOH\x03WR\x03participate in a program because of a medical condition. 3NON-RESIDENTS7R\x03UHJLVWHU\x03SOHDVH\x03GRZQORDG\x03D\x03SDSHU\x03UHJLVWUDWLRQ\x03IRUP\x03Non-residents must pay an additional non-resident fee. SomeIURP\x03RXU\x03ZHEVLWH\x03\x0bZZZ\x11FRQFRUGSDUNVDQGUHF\x11FRP\x0c\x03RU\x03YLVLW\x03programs are limited to Concord/Penacook residents only.RXU\x03RIILFH\x03DW\x03\x14\x17\x03&DQWHUEXU\\\x035G\x11\x03&RQFRUG\x031+\x11 Families must reside in Concord/Penacook to qualify for residency rates.Business ownership does not qualify. ZZZ\x11IDFHERRN\x11FRP\x12FRQFRUGSDUNQUHFGHSWPHOTO POLICY ZZZ\x11LQVWDJUDP\x11FRP\x12FRQFRUGSDUNVQUHFWe may take photographs and/or video for department marketing purposes only. If you do not want your child to be photographed, please note this on your registration form.Fall & Winter 2019 - 2020Page 3www.concordparksandrec.com"