b'Winter BasketballPLAYER INFORMATIONThe goal of our youth basketball program is to provide players, ages 4 through grade 12, with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of basketball while being part of a team regardless of experience or skill level. Not only will players be developing an understanding of the sport, they will gain positive social experiences, promote good sportsmanship and have fun in a supportive environment. All players are asked to bring a water bottle to all games and practices. We also ask that players switch into non-marking soled sneakers before walking onto any of the basketball courts. If for any reason you are unable to make it to a practice or a game, please inform your coach so they are aware. PLEASE NOTE: If you play on any other organized basketball team between November and March, you are not eligible to play in the Parks and Recreation league. VOLUNTEERS SAFETY FIRSTMAKE A DIFFERENCE The State of New Hampshire and the Parks & Recreation Department requires all volunteer coaches Volunteer Coaches Needed! DQG\x03VWD\x03WR\x03FRPSOHWH\x03D\x03FULPLQDO\x03EDFNJURXQG\x03FKHFN\x03DQG\x03\'R\x03\\RX\x03KDYH\x03ZKDW\x03LW\x03WDNHV\x03WR\x03PDNH\x03D\x03GLHUHQFH"\x03:H\x03WKLQN\x03\\RX\x03GR\x04\x03\x039ROXQWHHUV\x03DUH\x03 are screened accordingly. the backbone of our sports programs. Because of our solid volunteer base, our programs succeed.Please consider dedicating some of your time to the children of our community by helping them to develop a passion for sports.No reward is5(*,675$7,21 as great as knowing that your gift of time and dedication has helped a child.\'($\'/,1(6YOUTH BASKETBALLCOACHES),1$/\x035(*,675$7,21\x03\'($\'/,1( 22 \',9\x03,,\x03\x03\',9\x03,,,Coaches are responsible for general team organization, team practices andMonday, December 2ndcoordinating the efforts of their players, and assistant coaches during game play. Coaches are required to attend all coaches clinics and meetings throughout the),1$/\x035(*,675$7,21\x03\'($\'/,1( CyanMagentaYellowBlack season. 0LGGOH\x036FKRRO\x03\x03+LJK\x036FKRRO*IMPORTANT*Wednesday, December 4thTEAM PLACEMENT INFORMATIONPrior to deadline /$7(\x03)((\x1d* Participants are placed on teams solely based on their grade level6LJQ\x03XS\x03RQ\x03RU\x03EHIRUH\x031RYHPEHU\x03\x14\x19\x03WR\x03DYRLG\x03D\x03\x07\x14\x13\x03and the elementary school they attend as of Sept. 2019. Unfortunately,ODWH\x03IHH\x03\x0bDSSOLHV\x03WR\x03\'LY\x03,,\x03\x03\'LY\x03,,,\x0c\x11ZH\x03FDQQRW\x03DFFRPPRGDWH\x03UHTXHVWV\x03WR\x03EH\x03RQ\x03VSHFLF\x03WHDPV\x11Post deadline !! ALL BASKETBALL DIVISIONS !!* If spaces are available, late registrants will be placed on teams based RQ\x03WKH\x03UVW\x03RSHQ\x03WHDP\x03VORW\x11\x03* A late fee will be assessed for Div. II & Div. III. SCHOOLS WITH 11 OR MORE STUDENTS LOOKING TO 3/$<\x03,1\x03$1<\x03\',9,6,21\x03:,//\x03%(\x0363/,7\x03,172\x03\x15\x037($06\x04Non Public Schools* If your child attends a private school, home school or school other than a Concord/Penacook public school, please list the name of the elementary school in your neighborhood.COACHES MEETINGThe meeting is located at the City Wide Community CenterALL COACHES ARE REQUIRED TO ATTENDEDThis includes returning coachesCoaches Meeting:Wednesday, Dec. 11DIV II & DIV III MIDDLE SCHOOL 5:30 p.m.& HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL6:30 p.m.Fall & Winter 2019 - 2020Page 22www.concordparksandrec.com'