b"CoGnecnoerrda lC Irnufsohr mLaactrioonsse LACROSSE SPRING LEAGUESThe Concord Parks & Recreation Department is happy to partner with Concords youth lacrosse league, Concord Crush. The Parks & Recreation Department will process registrations only, as the league is separate DQG\x03QRQ\x10SURW\x03ZLWK\x03LWV\x03RZQ\x03ERDUG\x03RI\x03GLUHFWRUV\x11\x03\x03&RQFRUG\x03&UXVK\x03ZLOO\x03RHU\x03VSULQJ\x03OD[\x03SURJUDP\x03IRU\x03ER\\V\x03DQG\x03JLUOV\x03for age groups: 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U.This is a travel league and all games are played on weekends with SUDFWLFHV\x03RQ\x03ZHHNGD\\\x03HYHQLQJV\x11\x03\x03$OO\x03FRDFKHV\x03DUH\x0386/DFURVVH\x03/HYHO\x03\x14\x03FHUWLHG\x11\x03)RU\x03FRPSOHWH\x03LQIRUPDWLRQ\x03RQ\x03WKLV\x03youth lacrosse league please go to the Concord Crush website.Players do not need to register with USLacrosse for the 2020 spring season. According to NHYLA rules, children must play in their town or city lacrosse program where they live.If the town does not have a youth lacrosse program in the NHYLA, the child may play for Concord.8U:1st & 2nd Grade 352*5$0\x03'$7(6\x1dApril - June, 2020 %2<6\x03&2'(\x1d\x03114015-1 *,5/6\x03&2'(\x1d\x03114097-1&267\x1d\x03\x03$150 pp 10U:3rd & 4th Grade%2<6\x03&2'(\x1d\x03114015-2 *,5/6\x03&2'(\x1d\x03114097-2'($'/,1(\x1d\x03\x03'HFHPEHU\x03\x16\x14VW\x0f\x03\x15\x13\x14\x1c 12U:5th & 6th Grade 3UDFWLFH\x03,QIRUPDWLRQ\x1d\x03\x033OD\\HUV\x03ZLOO\x03EH\x03QRWLHG\x03E\\\x03WKHLU\x03FRDFKHV\x03LQ\x03%2<6\x03&2'(\x1d\x03114015-3*,5/6\x03&2'(\x1d\x03114097-3 April, closer to the start of the season.\x15\x13 ZZZ\x11FRQFRUGFUXVK\x11FRP14U:7th & 8th Grade%2<6\x03&2'(\x1d\x03114015-4 *,5/6\x03&2'(\x1d 114097-4CyanMagentaYellowBlackLEARN TO PLAYLACROSSE CLINICOur winter lacrosse clinics for boys and girls are focused on raising the skill and lacrosse IQ of returning players duringLITTLE CRUSHWKH\x03R\x10VHDVRQ\x11\x03\x031HZ\x03SOD\\HUV\x03DUH\x03DOVR\x03ZHOFRPH\x0f\x03DQG\x03\x03ZLOO\x03EH\x03placed with their appropriate age group.PLEASE NOTE: Each age group (U8 - U14) will get a 1-hour time slot eachLITTLE CRUSHweek.Exact days and times will be available on NovemberLittle Crush is a co-ed learn-to-play lacrosse program for children ages 13th. This clinic is only for Lax players who have also\x17\x03WKURXJK\x03\x19\x03\\HDUV\x03ROG\x11\x03\x038\x116\x11\x03/DFURVVH\x03FHUWLHG\x03FRDFKHV\x03ZLOO\x03WHDFK\x03EDVLF\x03signed up for the regular spring lacorsse season. lacrosse skills and stick work such as scooping ground balls, cradling '$7(6\x1d\x03\x03 Mondays or Thursdays and passing and catching, through fun interactive play and activities January 27 - March 29(8 weeks) with the players.*5$'(6\x1d \x14\x03\x10\x03\x1b '$7(6\x1d\x03\x03 Saturdays,April 11- June 6(No Class April 25)7,0(\x1d 6:00- 8:00 p.m. $*(6\x1d \x17\x03\x10\x03\x19/2&$7,21\x1d Seacoast United Concord Indoor Sports, 7,0(\x1d 10:00 - 11:00 am10 Ferry St., Concord /2&$7,21\x1d Martin Field&267\x1d $0 if registered on or before 12/31 &267\x1d $30 $25 if registered after 12/31 &2'(\x1d 114025-1&2'(\x1d 114030-1Registration Deadline:January 23 (limited space)Fall & Winter 2019 - 2020Page 20www.concordparksandrec.com"