b"Pre-school & YouthTODDLER OPEN GYM SPORTIES FOR SHORTIESInstructor: Shannon Milligan FLOOR HOCKEYChildren ages 18 months - 3 years old will have the opportunityInstructor:Shannon Milliganto participate in open play.Activities include relay races, ball SLW\x0f\x03REVWDFOH\x03FRXUVHV\x0f\x03DQG\x03PXFK\x03PRUH\x04\x03\x033DUHQWV\x03DUH\x03HQFRXUDJHG\x03 SPORTIES FOR SHORTIESto participate with their child.All participants should wear comfortable clothes and sneakers with non-marking soles. FLOOR HOCKEY(DFK\x03VHVVLRQ\x03ZLOO\x03IHDWXUH\x03D\x03GLHUHQW\x03VSRUW\x03WKDW\x03ZLOO\x03KHOS\x03\\RXU\x03'$7(6\x1d Tuesdays, January 7 - February 18 (7 weeks) young preschooler develop gross motor skills like kicking, $*(6\x1d \x14\x1b\x03\x10\x03\x16\x19\x03PRQWKV\x03ROG running, throwing, catching as well as social development.3DUHQW\x03SDUWLFLSDWLRQ\x03LV\x03ZHOFRPH\x03DQG\x03HYHQ\x03HQFRXUDJHG\x04\x03\x037KLV\x037,0(\x1d 9:30 - 10:15 a.m. FODVV\x03LV\x03OLPLWHG\x03WR\x03\x14\x15\x03SDUWLFLSDQWV\x03EXW\x03QHHGV\x03\x17\x03WR\x03UXQ\x04\x03\x036LJQ\x03XS\x03/2&$7,21\x1d City Wide Community Center ZLWK\x03D\x03IULHQG\x04&267\x1d $20 Resident,$30 Non-Resident '$7(\x1d Wednesday, January 8 - 29 (4 weeks)&2'(\x1d 361604-2 $*(6\x1d \x16\x11\x18\x03\x10\x03\x18\x03\\UV\x11\x03\x0bQRW\x03LQ\x03\x14VW\x03JUDGH\x0c7,0(\x1d 2:00 - 2:45 p.m./2&$7,21\x1d City Wide Community Center&267\x1d $20 Residents, $30 Non-Resident&2'(\x1d 330243-216 COOKING WITH MISS NICOLEFAMILY YOGA- Ages 5+Instructor:Peggy Petahtegoose CyanMagentaYellowBlack Instructor:Nicole TenneyBegin the weekend with a reclaiming of family together time. COOKING WITH MISS NICOLE This yoga program is accessible to families with children ages *5$'(6\x1d \x16\x03\x10\x03\x18 5-15. Class is presented in a fun relaxed manner for exercise 7,0(\x1d\x03\x03 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. NEW! and enjoyment. Asanas include individual and partner varia-tions. Breathing exercises are an important part of yoga, they /2&$7,21\x1d City Wide Community Center can also be energizing, relaxing, calming, toss in some songs &267\x1d $90 Resident,$100 Non-Resident or mantras and its a new experience every time. Parents are responsible for their childrens activity time so make it family SESSION 1 time with fun, laughter and a little challenge. Cakes & Cookies:This session will focus on learning basic16 and older are considered adults for this program, max of 2 baking skills and how to measure ingredients properly.Eachkids per adult.week will feature either a cookie or cake/cupcake recipe for WKH\x03SDUWLFLSDQWV\x03WR\x03PDNH\x03DQG\x03HQMR\\\x04'$7(6\x1d\x03\x03 Saturdays,January 4 - 25&2'(\x1d 321333-1SESSION 2Snacks & Apps:This session will focus on basic cooking skills and how to properly use kitchen tools.Each week participants will create quick and easy recipes that are great IRU\x03OXQFKHV\x03RU\x03DIWHU\x03VFKRRO\x03VQDFNV\x04'$7(6\x1d\x03\x03 Saturdays, February 1 - 22&2'(\x1d 321333-2:KHQ\x1d\x03\x03Saturdays, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. /RFDWLRQ\x1dCity Wide Community Center &RVW\x1d\x03$80 Resident, $90 Non-Resident'DWH\x03 \x03 \x03 &RGH 10/19 - 11/23600427-21/11 - 2/15600427-3 Cost covers parent & up to 2 childrenFall & Winter 2019 - 2020Page 16www.concordparksandrec.com"