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 The City of Concord is looking for photographs of the Concord, New Hampshire area, including City of Concord landscapes, 
buildings, and people involved in public events.  If you have photos of the City of Concord that you would 
like to share for use by the City of Concord, please submit them for consideration. 

Please avoid close-ups where children are recognizable as they will not be used.

 All photos submitted may be used on the City website(s) and/or in our print publications.  
 No compensation will be provided for use of the photos and there is no guarantee that the photos you submit will be used.

By submitting photos, you certify and agree that: 
(1) You are 18 years of age or over and that pictures featuring recognizable adults were taken at public events; 
(2) the attached photograph is not copyrighted, protected or otherwise subject to third party proprietary rights, 
      including privacy and publicity rights, except for those held by yourself or rightfully granted to you; and 
(3) by submitting the attached photograph, you are granting the City of Concord a permanent nonexclusive right to 
      publish the photograph on the City of Concord website(s) or in print publication(s) without compensation.       

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